Thursday, January 28, 2010

I-10 Adventure Update

The police report came out today and the SUV driver was cited for failure to maintain a single lane. The other two drivers were both cited for failure to control speed. I did not receive a citation. The estimate to repair the Tacoma came in at $12,000. Hopefully the insurance companies won't take too long to pay up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Interstate 10 Adventures Continue

After telling my mother just the other day that I-10 was much improved and much safer than it used to be, I was involved in yet another bizarre accident. Going home on Monday as I crossed over the Cow Bayou Bridge, I saw a green SUV that was drifting out of their lane towards the outside edge of the road. I was in the inside lane and I started slowing down to see what this vehicle was going to do. I thought they might take the exit or maybe jump back into their lane. The SUV never slowed down and did not apply their brakes as it plowed into the barricade protecting the concrete divider between the highway lanes and the exit ramp. The SUV was launched into the air and did a 90 degree turn and landed crossways on both lanes in front of me. Since the lanes have barricades on both sides, a collision could not be avoided. I braked as hard as possible and was looking straight at the lady driving the SUV as I slid towards her. I was almost stopped by the time my vehicle made contact with hers. At this point in time I was rear-ended by a Tahoe, which lifted the rear of my truck and shoved it sideways. Before we could all come to a complete stop, an 18-wheeler hit the Tahoe. Fortunately nobody was injured, but my Tacoma will be spending some time in the shop. The front-end to the Tahoe was completely destroyed and the rear was crushed as well.