Sunday, November 30, 2008

Save big bucks

when you're shopping online. Before you check out from any site, go to and search for a coupon code for that site. You can usually find a discount or a free shipping code for most places. That way you can spend EVEN MORE of your hard-earned money on ME.

Now hold on, because I just might blow your mind here. Did you know that you can look at two websites at the same time? You can! Let's say you want to check out that without leaving this fine site. You can hit Control-T [that's the letter T] (hit the two buttons at the same time) and you will open a new tab. You can use that new tab to go to any site you want.

When you're ready to go back to the first site, you can do that without closing your new tab. You can click on the first site with your mouse, or you can hit the keys Control-Tab (at the same time) to switch back and forth.

Sounds complicated but it isn't. And it might help you compare things while you're shopping this season.

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