Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adventures in Yellowstone

First let me just say we've been running hard and the wifi here is limited to 2 consecutive hours a day. We began day 1 at Yellowstone trying to get the grey water line repaired. The friendly folks at the RV park recommended OB's RV repair. We called OB and they said they could have someone out by the end of the week. (We should be back home by then.) When we told them we could not wait that long, they said we could come by for the parts and if they didn't have them, there was a hardware store next door. Pawpaw and I set off to find OB's, but could not locate them in this little town. Pawpaw called OB and got further instructions, but we still could not find them. We did find the hardware store next door to the RV park. It was within walking distance from our trailer. The sewer is repaired.

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