Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore was very impressive, but I thought it was going to be this big huge mountain that you could drive by and see without having to go to the top.

Granny and Pawpaw have really enjoyed this trip and all they can talk about is how big their next RV will be. They have been looking over all the big fancy RV's in all the parks trying to decide what features the new one must have. They are torn between getting a bigger new truck with a fifth wheel trailer or just go for one of the big bus type units. I think they are leaning toward the bus type because they are talking about how they could just spend all of their summers just cruising around the country. This would mean selling the house and they could just park the bus at Bear's house in the winter since she has that fine new pull-through. She just needs to get Rut to put in hook-ups. Granny says she would even get her driver's license to help Pawpaw with the driving. I tell you its just getting crazy out here on the road and we are still 1300 miles from home.

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