Friday, July 9, 2010

Idaho Highway Blues

Idaho was quite lovely and the highways were in good shape. Our troubles began after a "quick" trip to the Blackfoot Walmart. Just outside Sugar City the left rear trailer tire blew-out. We managed to limp along to a truck stop and a kind gentleman from Liberty, Texas stopped to help us. We got Pawpaws 1995 Goodyear trailer put on the ground for the first time. The gentleman from Texas refused any compensation and said that's what friends are for. Then just 60 miles from our destination, that fine spare tire blew-out. After a call to 911 and another kind gentleman's aid, we were rescued by a tire repairman with a deputy to redirect traffic. Our five hour drive took 10 hours. To top it off when the tire blew-out, it took out the grey water drain line.

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