Friday, December 12, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...past present & future

I went back & looked at the list I had on the old blog (I copied it before the blog went kaput)...not much has changed. I still have the same dishes, the same taste in music, and the same, basic needs.

But, what has changed is the fact that I am now looking to re build a house...which, of course will require A LOT of building materials and the like, some stuff I don't even know I'll need yet. This makes it incredibly difficult to create a wish list for the NEEDS of the project.

I do have some items of furniture selected for the house, even though the house is not exactly ready for furniture. It's not even ready for walls, yet! But, I will add the links to these little nuggets, just in case you wanted to start saving. The chairs, for example would be an EXCELLENT Christmas '09,'10,'11,& '12 + birthdays 32, 33, 34, & 35 + a housewarming gift, + a World's Greatest Nannie Day present!

So, here is My List...most of which you have already seen, some of which has been added just for fun! I will work diligently to get links to all of this and/or some sort of something on amazon. I don't promise links before Christmas. If I get a stocking full of IOUs I will be just as happy as if I unwrapped everything on the list. Trust space is at a premium right now, so a piece of paper that promises a gift will be MUCH easier to pack away!

$5-$10:Purple Argyle Socks (like the ones Ra was going to give me, but somehow never got around to*hint hint*)
$10-$15:CDs I would like to have include:
Any of the more recent stuff from Maroon 5, the Killers, Alicia Keys or Leona Lewis spring to mind. I'll put a complete list on my amazon wish list. Any of the new or old stuff from Eric Clapton (like unplugged, Slowhand, etc.) I have 24 Nights, Pilgrim, Money & Cigarettes, and Journeyman, but that's it on CD!), some James Taylor, some Carol King (I have Tapestry), some John Denver (especially one with "Grandma's Feather Bed" on it)

$15-$20: I would like a subscription to either SHAPE or Women's Health magazine. There is a set of resistance bands with handles (purple) & an 8lb. ball (coincidentally, also purple) at Target I've had my eye on.

DVDs I would like to have include
{still working on this part}


$25-$30:Books I would like to have include:
The Two Georges by Larry Turtledove & Richard Dreyfus
365-No Repeats (cookbook by Rachael Ray)
{still working on this me something--not Sci Fi--and I'll try it!}

$30 and up:
New watch...cuff bracelet style with a square face and no clasp
{and much much more!}

One Price Fits All:Gift Certificates to the following stores:
**TARGET!!!!!**Bath and Body Works or Bath Junky**Dillard's**JC Penney's**Crate & Barrel **World Market**Pier 1**

Sets of dishes I currently collect:
Fiestaware--all colors, all pieces are welcomed (I have 6 complete settings, but I'm not sure which colors...I don't mind if they are duplicated, though) French Garden Fleurence from Villeroy & Boch (I ONLY have 2 complete settings of this stuff, so ANY of it would be most welcomed) Imperatrice Eugenie from Haviland (ok, technically not officially started, yet, but you can be the first!) 'Asian-inspired' Melamine set from discontinued (If you find some brown plastic cups at Target, though, those would be appreciated) Penguin Skate (Christmas) from Pfaltzgraff Etchings (Christmas) from Lenox*I would like to start collecting a plastic dinnerware for the Christmas season--shocker that I found some I like at Target! I also have a complete set (100 pieces) of some that are just solid purple--more like an eggplant color, so if I find something to use with these, I can make that set stretch.

Please realize that this is a work in progress. I promise to get the links up soon (possibly before my next birthday!)

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