Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Rutledge's List

Here is the Mister’s Christmas list if someone wants to see to it that it gets posted:

* The following are all from Midway, USA and he tells me that he has a gift list at that site as well
1. Pro Chrono Digital Chronograph (his was Iked) (it’s on sale for $89.99)
2. Hornaday or Redding Two-dye re-loading something or other (one of the dyes is full length re-sizer) for a Remington 223 caliber

* Pioneer XMP3 w/car kit; home kit; and headphones

* From the US Mint
1. 2008 Proof set (stock # P08) (he wants 4 of them)
2. 2008 US Mint Annual Dollar coin set (stock # XA2)
3. 2007 US Mint Annual Dollar coin set (stock # XA1)

* From Garry’s Gun Shop (Vidor) or Gander Mountain
1. large rifle magnum primers (WLRM or CCI250)
2. larger pistol primers (WLR)
3. small rifle primers (WSR)
4. small pistol primers (WSP)

* And last but certainly not least … a hearty contribution to help fund his next big game adventure

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