Friday, December 12, 2008

ShaWheat Gift Lists

Peetie sent this list to me a few days ago and I forgot to post it. Sorry!

All games listed have been verified on
PSP games
- Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories
- Midnight Club 3
- Star Wars Force Unleashed
- Need for Speed- Carbon
- Burnout Legends
(May I suggest 1 of these for the gift @ Granny's, the average price is about $25 for 1 game)
PS3 games
- Need for Speed Undercover
- Rainbow Six -- Vegas 2
- Uncharted
- Need for Speed - Prostreet
- MotorStorm-- Pacific Rift
- Haze
(These would be suggested for the BIG spenders, as the average price per game is $60.)
Tools requested: here are the links to the SPECIFIC item he personally selected from his FAVORITE magazine of all time!!
AND for those of you that REEEAAALLLYYY REAALLLLYYY love him, you'll put your pennies together which will in turn save him subsequent laminectomy/discectomy surgeries & BUY HIM THIS:
Here is the link to the cologne he needs & wears

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MilesTheYounger said...

This list would have been pretty handy a couple of days ago. I wish I had given some indication of a deadline. I hope they like pickles.