Friday, December 12, 2008

It seems as though some "contributors" are a little aggrevated that the rest of us because some of the others couldn't figure out how to post because it is SO SIMPLE!! Well, just for future reference, you must be INVITED to be a contributor AND have a google sign-in. THEN and ONLY THEN does the magic icon appear "NEW POST" I am many things, no doubt, but computer-illiterate I am NOT!! I can usually navigate very well through the computer and especially the internet. But I must be equipped with the proper tools..i.e AN INVI-*******-TATION!!!! So thanks to wonderful BIG SIS... You shall all be truly blessed again with my opinion!!

Congratulations... I KNOW you have all missed my contribution!!

BTW- My sister posted a gift list with the ShaWheat wishes..



MilesTheYounger said...

The invitation to contribute was sent November 17th to because that was the only address I had.

MilesTheYounger said...

The big difference between the new blog and the old one is that the new one is open to the public. This means that anyone can see it, but you have to log in in order to post (just like the old one).